80s Retro VHS

This animation's retro VHS vibe is highlighted by the retrowave neon background and the vibrant circle at its centre. To provide a more whimsical touch, the event details are shown at the centre with a blend of scribed writing, an old-fashioned shining font, and a tall minimalistic lettering.
This 80s Retro VHS photo booth start screen is perfect for any event, and comes in different sizes to support photo booths with Mirror (1080 x 1920px), iPad Portrait (1536 x 2048px), iPad Landscape (2048 x 1536px), Surface Pro Portrait (1440 x 2160px), Surface Pro Landscape (2160 x 1440px), Generic TFT (1280 x 1024px), HD Landscape (1920 x 1080px), and Pillar Booth (540 x 1920px) formats and resolutions.
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