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Photo Booth Professionals Use BoothMotion for...

Saving Money

Finding & relying on a designer for every event can be expensive, especially for last minute rush jobs. Stop paying $50+ for every event, and get your photobooth start screens from only £10

Saving Time

Getting your animation or template from BoothMotion is instant. No more lengthy back and forth with your designer. You can even let you clients design their own! And its a lot faster than learning and mastering the adobe suite!

Create your first start screen
Overlays and Start Screens
I've saved so much money!
Increase Profits
Impress Customers
Guaranteed Delivery

If you can't stand out from the competition, your business will fail

Are you asking yourself these questions?
"How are other photo booth owners charging so much and still attracting bookings?"
"What tools are out there to help me boost my conversion rate?"
"How can I improve my photo booth output?"

Hear what our customers have to say...

Last Minute Nikki (Magic Mirror Miami)
There's no easier or fastest way to get dope custom start screens. Clients rave about how these start creens are the cherry on top for the perfect Photobooth experience. We just can't get enough!
Favor Fotos Entertainment, LLC Mignon Williams
I LOVE Booth Motion! The start screens are beautiful, fun, and customizable. I always look top-notch with these animation screens. Thank you so much for YOUR hard work and creativity.
Texas Interactive Events, Claudia Wright
Booth Motion has given me the peace of mind to offer a great product so I can focus my attention on marketing to more customers.
Mystica Entertainment Edmonton, AB, Canada
Serious game changer! Love the simplicity of the start screens, they always work and are perfect for any event. Thank you for creating an awesome product that is perfect for what photo boothers do.
AJR Events, Atlanta Ga
We used Booth Motion for a few Xmas parties last year. Clients loved their start screens! Simple fast and effective! I even created a few during the event set up. Thank you for this amazing product!
Picture Perfect Photo Booth Beaufort, SC
I love being able to add a start screen to every package it's affordable and easy to send the link and allow the customer to design & choose.
Waiting on another vendor to send me a requested start screen, to no avail. I'm in uber on the way to start this 8:30 am event and I was able to create a start screen off my cell phone. Clients loved it and didn't have a clue I created it on my way in. Best product around
Flawless Mirror Booth
BoothMotion has been a life saver for Flawless Mirror Booth. Quick, easy, and beautiful custom start screens at it's best! Thank you so much!
Boothmotion is ideal for the finishing personal touch to the client. Our Clients are over the moon with Start Screen animations provided by Boothmotion! Often we close a sale using personalized animations against our competitors.
Carolina Selfies, Adina Ledford
Carolina Selfie uses BoothMotion for every Mirror Booth event we do! Thanks to BoothMotion we can offer a free custom animated start screen with every booking! Our clients enjoy being able to choose their own start screen and customize it themselves! Our clients love this, and so we do!!! Thank you Matt & Dan for creating this!! You helped us step up our Game!!
Deja Vu Mirror, Widney
I remember creating a sweet16 animated screen with BoothMotion during set up (less than 10 minutes). Everyone raved about it so much, I gained many repeat clients and the event planner loves my work everytime! I can't thank you enought. BoothMotion is one of a kind!
Mirror Me Memorable, New York, Eileen
My go to for any event. A great variety of designs and work is delivered in minutes. Taking my events to the next level without the hassle or breaking the bank!
We are perfectly capable of creating our own touch to start screens. However, since BoothMotion launched it's difficult to see why we would give ourselves the hassle. It's too fast. It's too easy and it's too cheap for us to bother anymore. Running multiple booths on the same booth. BoothMotion saves us hours of time and effort we just don't have when trying to get events completed each week. It's a brilliant tool to have at your disposal.
Edward Brewster
Booth Motion has been essential for my booth services! I love seeing my clients face when they approach the booth to view their custom screens. With the craze of 360 booths now I think just adding some animated overlays options will be good. Keep up the good work
DJC Events - Selfie Mirror / DJ
I have been using boothmotion for a year now and it is so easy to use and quick. I can pick , edit, buy and download start screens minutes before a gig and have it ready and added to my workflow in seconds. I have bought over 30 this year alone and I highly recommend the site.
John at FotoboothUK
I have used boothmotion many many times to produce professional welcome screens which I neither have the time or skill set to produce. Quick, efficient, and it just works!
I have started using BoothMotion since beginning of 2022 and definitely added extra value to my business. Very easy to customise and there many choices for different events. Whenever l used BoothMotion touch screen on any event l definitely got some more bookings during same events. Prices are very reasonable and the team is very friendly and approachable. I will always use this guys. Thank you BoothMotion.
Don't be an idiot, just f*cking use it
JB AJR Events
Simplicity of allowing clients to choose and build their own design. Helps to get the process right the first time. So many great options to choose from.
Kerry Beever (Mirror Booth Australia)
Booth Motion is brilliant. Been a client since inception and the animated start screen are included in every booth package. I love that Matt can not only work on bespoke designs but also has some on the website I had input with. They will always have a client with us.
Barry (Bespoke Event Services)
Boothmotion is a one stop shop for our clients to choose their custom animations. They love the selection and ease of use and for our business it takes the pressure off with an easy to use dashboard especially for white label transactions.
Rod Urand
Boothmotion saves my hide all the time and makes me look bigger than I am. The integration with my booking system makes it look like I have a team of designers behind the scenes which then amplifies our professionalism.
Hema (Event Star)
Easy, fast, cost effective and just plain awesome!
Lucy (Mira Mira)
Boothmotion can elevate the average event into something extraordinary in a simple and cost effective way. So easy to use and a good upsell to clients. I love how this can be integrated into my booking system which saves me even more time.

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