Same Sex photo booth start screens for Mirror (1080 x 1920px)

Perfect for the Fotomaster Mirror, or any other mirror running popular software such as Booth Junkie - our Magic Mirror Photobooth Animations will help your event feel truly special. We use a range of techniques such as darkened edges and bright colors to make the Magic Mirror feel alive - even when there are adverse conditions like bright lights, sunshine, LED ring or TV power lights to deal with. Make your Magic Mirror event really stand out with BoothMotion.
I want a start screen for aevent informat
Floral Banner
Glitter Ring
First Names (1 Photo Upload)
First Names
Sparkle Rings (Photo Upload)
Sparkle Heart (Photo Upload)
Marble Invitation
Fireworks Glitter Text
The Wedding Of
Hearts Name Reveal
Photo Background (Photo Upload)
Neon Sign
Glossy Glitter Ring (Photo Upload)
Sparkle Heart (Font 1)
Watercolour Floral Banner
Premium Black Leather
Round Glitter Frame (Photo Upload)
Rustic Flower Ring
Glitter Text Dust Reveal
Glitter Name Reveal
Colour Rings
Pencil & Ink Reveal (Photo Upload)
Glossy Ring (Photo Upload)
Glossy Frame (Photo Upload)
Art Deco V4
Hypno Rings
Comic Explosion
Art Deco V4 (Photo Upload)
Burgundy Flowers
Sketch Text
Magazine cover (2 Photo Upload)
Blue Flowers
Magic Stars
Fall / Autumn Leaves
Blush Rose Banner
Balloon Reveal
Blue Sparkly Embellishments
Neon Lines
First Names (Boho Dusty Pink)
Eucalyptus (Photo Upload)
Sketch Leaves
Diamonds Forever (Photo Upload)
Tropical Leaves
Floral Ornaments
Broadway Stage
Wedding Typography
Red & Gold Sparkly Embellishments
Glass Rose
Sunflower Explosion on Wood
Art Deco
Bokeh Glitter
Floral Invite
Floral Ring (Photo Reveal)
First Names (Burnt Orange)
Red Rose Explosion
Glossy Hearts
Winter Night
Candy Stripes
White Rose Explosion
Art Deco V3 (Silver)
Mandala 2
80s Retro VHS
Vintage Wallpaper (Photo Upload)
Same Sex Male
Mono Typography 1
Floral Shapes
Gold Geometric
Falling Hearts
Trees & Butterflies
Infinite Neon
Silver Text Damask (Serif)
Floral Ring
Rose Wreath
Pink Rose Explosion
Chinese Paper Lanterns
Gold Text Damask (Serif)
Stars Explosion
Retro 70s Ball Lights
Halftone Skew
Genie's Lamp
Retro Oil
Sparkly Hearts
Gemstone Kaleidoscope
LGBT Rainbow Hearts
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