We all love the excitement on the faces of guests at the event once they receive their printed photo, or get to send their photo via SMS or email.

But something even better than that is the face of a Bride, Groom or a Birthday Girl/Boy when they see that the photo booth has been branded with their name or photograph!

Branding a photo booth with a custom animated start screen, or custom overlay used to be a time consuming or expensive thing to do. You used to have to go back and forth with the client to make sure their design and spelling was perfect, and then you had to do the same back and forth with your designer ensuring the same thing.

Enter BoothMotion.com 🚀

Now you can get all of your animated photo booth start screens in a matter of minutes - and the best bit? Your customer can design their own branding!

Simply send them the link, or embed our white label widget on your website, and you clients can...

  • Browse all of the photo booth animated start screens in our library
  • Choose their own  animated start screen for their photo booth
  • Change the text, or photo on the animated start screen
  • Click save

No more back and forth with the client, no more back and forth with the designer.

And the best bit?

... it only costs £10 - a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer every time!

Now your customer is happy, their guests are happy, you've saved yourself some money - and the final output looks incredible, sure to win you some referrals from every event!

Sign up now at boothmotion.com and try it out for yourself!